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Aim Climb PC Game Free Download

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Aim Climb is an Action, Platformer, and Adventure game for PC published by Yul in 2022. Anyone World Health Organization will meet the exact most suitable issue-level.

Aim Climb PC Game 2022 Overview:

This may be a platform game throughout that you use your “Aiming skill” to rise to the top and achieve the summit.

Aim Climb PC Game Free Download

This is a platform game in which you use your “Aiming skill” to climb to the top and reach the summit. Aim accurately at the scattered “targets” and click to make your character make a big jump. However, if left unattended, the character will fall down. Thus, it means you need to click on the next target during the dwell time. The character jumps toward the clicked location. In order to climb up efficiently, the horizontal speed must be kept as low as possible. In other words, you must instantly consider the target to aim at and the timing of that click, depending on the character’s position and the direction it is going. What do you think? The operation is simple, but it looks quite deep, doesn’t it? There are various types of “targets” to keep players occupied. The higher you climb, the more difficult the “targets” become. The thrill increases.If you happen to miss your aim, use the “ascending skill”. When the skill is used, the character jumps slightly to buy time to adjust the aim. This skill can also be used effectively to increase the speed of ascent when you click on targets. It is up to the player’s discretion whether you can use it well or not. Your dominant hand, holding the PC mouse, becomes a “magic gun” that descends into her world to support her dreams.

Features of Aim Climb:

  • Three levels of difficulty
  • The scenery changes as you move up.
  • Your Aiming skill could change her fate.
  • Clearing the game involves a great deal of hard work.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GT730
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

File Size: 235.76 MB

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