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Nation Red

Nation Red Free PC Download

Nation Red is an Action, Survival Horror, and Arcade game for PC published by DiezelPower in 2009. The virus has infected the city.

Nation Red PC Game 2009 Overview:

You can see thousands of zombies over the city which try to infect other people. You’re in a group of survivors that want to defeat the zombies.

(v1.00.1009 Update added)

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BISQUE DOLL PC Game Free Download

BISQUE DOLL  is an Action, Horror, and Adventure game for PC published by 寒蟬 in 2020. This horror game is based on Asian folklore!

BISQUE DOLL PC Game 2020 Overview:

Very addictive gameplay, it’s getting a headache from ah, ah, ah, and the battery is too small, so the first person can only see the strange settings. But, the control direction of your handle is too disgusting.

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Granny Chapter Two

Granny Chapter Two PC Game Free Download

Granny Chapter Two is an Adventure, Survival and Horror game for PC published by DVloper in 2019. Find a way or die!

Granny Chapter Two PC Game 2019 Overview:

The second chapter of Granny, oddly enough, differs from the first quite a lot. In this part, 2 non-player characters will run after you at once in the person of Granny and Grandpa.

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