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Goddess Of War Ashley II PC Game Free Download

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Goddess Of War Ashley II is an Action, Casual, and Adventure game for PC published by Small Game in 2022. A bullet area game!

Goddess Of War Ashley II PC Game 2022 Overview:

An airplane game with upgrades, there are many upgrade options, the overall feeling is good. It’s a bit interesting.

Goddess Of War Ashley II PC Game Free Download

Goddess Of War Ashley Ⅱ” is a vertical scrolling flight shooting game. The player controls the protagonist’s fighter to fight the enemy in the air. Players can control the game through the keyboard, keyboard + mouse, or gamepad. This build takes advantage of the Hullbreaker’s speed and resilience to crash damage to slam directly into enemies.
The fragile Amp Shield is used not for defense, but to augment Hullbreaker’s strongest aspects, gaining increased speed and force. The shield will break on impact, but we can capitalize on that using the Volatile Shields mod, which detonates the shield when it goes down, blasting all nearby enemies. Now you can download and play this game for free on this site.

Features of Goddess Of War Ashley II:

  • Players can get diamonds by destroying enemy planes, and diamonds can be used to upgrade the protagonist’s fighter planes in the supply station. The types of upgrades include the number of bullets, the power of bullets, lasers, shields, large-area attack weapons, and more.
  • After shooting down key enemy planes, escort fighter planes will be dropped, which can increase firepower when equipped.
  • Players can gain experience when they hit enemy planes. After the experience is full, the main guns and secondary guns of the fighter planes will be upgraded.
  • After reaching the maximum level, the protagonist will enter a state of the blood.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA equivalent)
  • Storage: 2048 MB available space

File Size: 161.88 MB

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