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Iron Lung PC Game Free Download

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Iron Lung is an Action, Simulation, and Adventure game for PC published by David Szymanski in 2022. A little sub in a blood ocean!

Iron Lung PC Game 2022 Overview:

This is an associate-degree ocean of blood packed with odd fish scaffoldings, disk surfaces, gradually odd navigation, and surprises. The gameplay has operating across 2 sq. meters of a sub and provoking simply many buttons.

Iron Lung PC Game Free Download

Set entirely within a claustrophobic one-man submarine nicknamed the “Iron Lung,” you must blindly navigate an ocean of blood to take photographs of key locations, and hope whatever lives below doesn’t find you. There is only a single porthole on the sub, and it needs to be closed due to depth pressure, so you have to navigate purely via an incomplete map, proximity sensors, sound, and a primitive external camera that can be used to take the pictures you need to complete your mission, or to get a grainy low resolution visual of what’s happening outside.
Decades ago, every known star and habitable planet mysteriously vanished, along with whatever and whoever happened to be on them, leaving behind an empty universe of asteroids and lifeless moons where the only remnants of humanity are those who were on space stations or starships at the time. With supplies gradually dwindling and infrastructure falling into disrepair, the survivors have spent the subsequent years frantically searching for any trace of remaining natural resources. Up until now, they have been unsuccessful…
Then, a mysterious anomaly is known as a Blood Ocean (which is exactly what it sounds like) was discovered on an otherwise barren moon. It’s not the first Blood Ocean found since the vanishing, but initial scans show a collection of potentially useful anomalous locations in a deep undersea (understood?) trench that requires further investigation.

Features of Iron Lung:

  • Experimental minimalist gameplay, where your senses are limited and anything could be lurking around you
  • Glimpse your surroundings through the lens of a grainy still camera and navigate using an incomplete satellite map and proximity sensors
  • A horror based around building dread and paranoia
  • Original soundtrack inspired by the work of Aubrey Hodges (Doom 64)

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7/8/9/10
  • Processor: Any made within the last decade
  • Memory: 1 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any made within the last decade
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
  • Additional Notes: You can run this

File Size: 122.94 MB

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