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Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition Download

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Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition is an Action, Puzzle and Adventure game for PC published by Frictional Games in 2009. Drowned in fear!

Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition PC Game 2009 Overview:

In order to find the problems and solve the puzzles, you must survive among the fearful enemies.

Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition Download

I thought that after Amnesia: Dark Descent and Outlast we won’t flinch and the chill didn’t run through our skin, but we bought Penumbra and clicked “Start Game”. Yes, she flinched, and more than once. we will say more … The game affected some subconscious (like Lovecraft), deep fears. It may seem ridiculous, because the game is old, and the monsters are funny, but that’s not the point. The point, as always, is in the atmosphere of the game.
Everything is closed, dark, cold, hopeless and depressing, but still, you continue to move on, hope for the best, show courage and solve puzzles while listening to the voice in your head. You always expect something from around the corner or in the dark corridor, and even the sounds do their job. The plot of the game seemed to us finished, interesting, somewhere with our favorite black humor, somewhere with bitterness, and never once did we have a desire to quit playing.
A worthy continuation of the first Penumbra, and even more interesting. The only thing we did not like was the mechanics of the game and the numerous bugs with the passage. Okay, these are trifles. Frictional Games simply can not disappoint us, what their divine Amnesia and SOMA are worth. we put the game 10 icicles out of 10 and recommend for passing.

Features of Penumbra Black Plague Gold Edition:

  • Connected the best moments of the game. Seriously, when we met him face to face, our first thought was “Well, finally something interesting!”.
  • No stupid hide and seek in dark corners, only an uncompromising and merciless duel for survival between Man and the Worm. For the sake of this scene alone, it was worth going through both parts of Penumbra.
  • we criticized the Black Plague to the nines, but we repeat, despite its shortcomings, the game is definitely good.
  • Yes, it’s not scary, yes, the local gameplay can easily drive you into longing, but it’s interesting to play anyway thanks to the good storyline and gloomy atmosphere. Maybe not for the full price, but at a discount, it is definitely worth taking.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • Processor: 1Ghz
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Graphics: Radeon 8500/GeForce 3 (GeForce4MX not supported)

File Size: 730.42 MB

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