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Planet Centauri PC Game Free Download

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Planet Centauri is an Action, RPG, and Adventure game for PC published by Permadeath in 2016. Half of the content is unimplemented!

Planet Centauri PC Game 2016 Overview:

A battle-based terraria-style game with beautiful graphics! A game that aims to …

(v0.11.8c – 189.23 MB Full Cracked)

Planet Centauri PC Game Free Download

Starbound has Technologies, Terrk has Accessories, and here it has Skilled. A simple and useful “Run” opens for just 50 souls (local currency), “Dash” – for 200 souls. 50 + 200 = 250. 250 souls can be farmed on the very first day of the game! It is worth noting that besides these indispensable skills, there are other skills, but they are focused on sword fighters (which are not very much here). Suffixes, prefixes, levels, etc. All these “nonsense” are such that they are quite straightforward. Each monster has a level, on which its hits and damage depend. Also, everyone, ABSOLUTELY every monster can have suffixes-prefixes-rarity.
Suffix-prefixes are a set of additional features of the monster, and rarity is straightforward in general, of course. Equipment (armor and swords) does not have suffixes-prefixes-rarities, but there are runes-runes-levels. Why “runes-runes,” you ask? The fact is that some things may have their own non-removable runes. Stop. What are these runes? And “these runes” are the very prefix suffixes. Yes, don’t be surprised. You can read more about all this by going to this [] Wikia.
But the weapon levels remained on the analysis. These levels are fundamentally different from those levels (from the monster levels). The maximum level of items is 7. You can pump an item on your knee by pressing the key to bringing up the “Upgrade” window (by default “U”).

Features of Planet Centauri:

  • No damage from touching the enemy!
  • It’s just DIVINE!
  • This means that in order to deal damage, the enemies must BEAT you!
  • It also means that you can RUN PASS THEM without wasting your time, health, and stamina.


Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: DualCore 2GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Card with 256MB and support Shader Model 1.3
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
  • Sound Card: /

File Size: 189.23 MB

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