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Resident Evil 2 is a Survival Horror and Adventure game for PC published by Capcom in 1998. Will you be able to stand against the zombie attacks?

Resident Evil 2 PC Game 1998 Overview:

As the T-virus, a dangerous virus, spereaded in the city and the people turned into zombies.

Resident Evil 2 Free Download

You are the only survivors at this city. Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield are the main characters of Resident Evil 2. They were working as cops in Raccoon City. When they discovered that the virus has got the control of Humans’ minds, They started to find the reasons. The players will take the role of both characters in story mode. There is another survivor character named Leon S. Kennedy. He will help you so much. He was working as a police officer too.

Claire and Chris were successful to escape from the city by Leon’s car. But they had an accident on the way. That’s why they lost each other at the start of the game. You have a hard mission in Resident Evil 2. Because there are thousands of zombies in Raccoon City. Most of them are dangerous enough to turn you to a zombie-like themselves. It’s possible to use many weapons like shotguns to shoot at the zombies. Remember that there are some special enemies that won’t be killed by a few bullets!

They are called boss fights. Resident Evil 2 got an amazing average score (89/100) in its release date. The users of Metacritic have also rated it 9.2/10 which means awesome! If you are a fan of Resident Evil franchise, You can also try Resident Evil 3 on FreeGamesLand.

Features of Resident Evil 2:

  • Play as two cops named Claire and Chris to save Raccon City
  • Kill all of the zombies at this city and find the virus resources
  • Get help from Leon S. Kennedy to finish the missions
  • Use many types of weapons to fight the zombies

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 95/98
  • Processor: Pentium @ 166 MHz
  • Memory: 24 MB
  • Hard Drive: 101 MB Free
  • Video Memory: 4 MB
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Direct X: 6.0

File Size: 149.29 MB

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