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Meteorfall Krumits Tale

Meteorfall Krumits Tale PC Game Download

Meteorfall Krumits Tale is a Strategy, RPG, and Adventure game for PC published by Slothwerks in 2019. The first three characters of the world!

Meteorfall Krumits Tale PC Game 2019 Overview:

The game is very fun, but the difficulty is great, and it is very lucky. The difficulty in the later stage is not good and basically can only be replayed.

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Pirates Outlaws

Pirates Outlaws PC Game Free Download

Pirates Outlaws is a Strategy and Action game for PC published by BlueStacks in 2019. Several characters available that ensure a few hours of play!

Pirates Outlaws PC Game 2019 Overview:

Good deck-building game in which luck has a little influence at the beginning, especially if the cards are not known but the cards acquire more strategy as the player becomes more familiar with the mechanics.

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Fate Hunters

Fate Hunters PC Game Free Download

Fate Hunters is a Strategy and Adventure game for PC published by Tower Games Ballistic Interactive in 2019. Back in “Slay the Spire”!

Fate Hunters PC Game 2019 Overview:

Rogilik is understandable. But the tough randomness spoils everything, especially with idiotic ghosts, if you didn’t get the necessary cards, you barely, barely kill them one hit at a time, and they still call the same ones for help, and more, and more.

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