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Telepath Tactics Liberated PC Game Free Download

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Telepath Tactics Liberated is an Action, Strategy, and RPG game for PC published by Sinister Design in 2022. The war is shining!

Telepath Tactics Liberated PC Game 2022 Overview:

Visualize hearth Symbol with destructible battlefields; the capability to set lures; the capability to push foes off ridges, into lava, or into each other; associated with an inherent campaign designer.

Telepath Tactics Liberated PC Game Free Download

Ever played an SRPG and thought “Gosh, I wish I could shove enemies off cliffs”? Ever wished you could hack through trees to open up a path, build a bridge to cross water, or dunk enemies into that same water? This is the game for you! Telepath Tactics Liberated is a strategy RPG influenced by classics like Fire Emblem, Disgaea, Shining Force, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Come experience a well-told tale of redemption, revenge, and liberation with challenging battles and a large cast of unique characters! The Strider sisters escaped from slavery at a young age.

Taken in by the reptilian list and trained in the art of fighting, they now undertake a journey to rescue their father and liberate the mines from their former oppressors, recruiting dozens of unlikely allies and facing down sinister villains along the way. As a ground-up remake of the 2015 indie classic Telepath Tactics, Telepath Tactics Liberated features the same awesome map design, varied character roster, and deep turn-based tactics of the original in an entirely new engine! If you love SRPGs, this is an experience you simply shouldn’t miss out on. Now you can download and play this game for free on this site.

Features of Telepath Tactics Liberated:

  • Destroy walls, freeze water, and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
  • Create bridges to forge new routes around the battlefield; place traps and build barricades to force enemies to engage on your terms.
  • Keep your army well-supplied; make hard choices about your resources both on and off the battlefield.
  • Use the built-in campaign editing suite to build your own campaigns with unique characters, battles, cut scenes, items, skills, and dialogue–and download other peoples’ creations to play!

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or similar
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 9 GB available space

File Size: 1.07 GB

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