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Viola The Heroines Melody Game Free Download

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Viola The Heroines Melody is an Action, Adventure, and RPG game for PC published by Jelle van Doorne in 2021. Viola is a girl trapped in a spiral of pessimism and who feels unable to progress!

Viola The Heroines Melody PC Game 2021 Overview:

A vortex will emerge from her violin and take her to a fantasy universe where she will meet very charismatic characters who will offer her help to overcome her blockages and find her way back home.

Viola The Heroines Melody Game Free Download

In this platform game where you can experience much more comfortable gameplay when you play with the controller; Enjoy the gameplay with the music theme. You may encounter many difficulties while making your progress on the platform. In order to get rid of these difficulties, you can try to win the struggles where your quick reactions come to the fore.

The game style also borrows from the styles of “Under the Legend” and “Lisa”. . The story of the game takes place in a fantasy world of violin. The player plays the violinist, Viola. After many failures in practice, he inexplicably falls into the fantasy world. In this world, Viola meets many friends and monsters. The player needs to play Viola. Defeat the monsters and find a way home.

This is a beautiful world of violin, everything is related to music. To open a secret passage and light a campfire for rest, you need to play a musical instrument. The attacks and tactics of the characters are also closely related to the music. Even the background of the game is also related to the musical instruments. It looks like a tree like a violin and a building like an electronic piano, A house with interior decoration similar to the piano.

Features of Viola The Heroines Melody:

  • The fresh painting style, comfortable BGM, and character model design are very beautiful.
  • The content is richer, you can choose to recruit more partners to fight together, and you can choose to retreat if you fail to fight.
  • The character moves are coherent, and the jump operation feels better.
  • The configuration requirements are relatively low, and the slag machine can also be driven.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Internal graphics card
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Onboard soundcard or better

File Size: 274.60 MB

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